Cum sa rezisti zborurilor long-haul

  1. Stay hydrated. This is probably the most important point. Drink lots of water before,during and after the flight even at the risk of spending a lot of time queuing for the airplane’s bathroom. The pressure in the cabin is known to cause long term health issues related to dehydration to the crew. Don’t worry, since you probably won’t fly as often as a flight attendant you won’t encounter chronic problems but it’s good to stay away from headaches and flaky skin while you enjoy your holiday.
  2. Stay warm and comfy. ditch the shoes after take-off and go for some wool socks to protect your feet. A long scarf is always good to use as a blanket and you can find neck pillows in every airport nowadays if you don’t have one already. Ladies, a sports bra might be a better choice than the latest super-triple-can-see-them-from-the-moon Victoria’s Secret push-up. Go for cotton, wool or other natural fabrics when it comes to clothing, you don’t want to feel like you’ve spent 10 hours wrapped in plastic.
  3. Stay healthy. Get up and walk a bit every hour, it’s good for circulation. If your feet get numb try using some compression socks, they can be found in pharmacies or online. For motion sickness ask your doctor for advice, they will be able to recommend the right medicine should it be the case. Avoid alcohol as it has more serious issues influence on our bodies while flying.
  4. Stay entertained. Everybody gets bored at some point so even if most airlines offer free movies and TV series better be prepared. Books, magazines, a travel journal, games on your phone – make a list with what you’ll need depending on how many hours you’ll be up on in the air and stock up. Check in advance if your airline offers Wi-fi if you’re the type that can’t breathe off-line and get ready to spend an extra buck for this service.
  5. Stay pretty. Take advantage of those free hours and apply moisturiser and a mask. You won’t look as tired upon arrival and you can start taking  holiday selfies right away. Hair can also be affected by long flights so a few drops of argan oil to tame the frizz might come in handy. I usually don’t wear makeup when flying as I try to sleep and rather not wake up looking like a panda.

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